pytest-qt is a pytest plugin that allows programmers to write tests for PyQt5, PyQt6, PySide2 and PySide6 applications.

The main usage is to use the qtbot fixture, responsible for handling qApp creation as needed and provides methods to simulate user interaction, like key presses and mouse clicks:

def test_hello(qtbot):
    widget = HelloWidget()

    # click in the Greet button and make sure it updates the appropriate label
    qtbot.mouseClick(widget.button_greet, QtCore.Qt.LeftButton)

    assert widget.greet_label.text() == "Hello!"

This allows you to test and make sure your view layer is behaving the way you expect after each code change.

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Since version 4.0.0, pytest-qt requires Python 3.6+.

Works with either PySide6, PySide2, PyQt6 or PyQt5, picking whichever is available on the system, giving preference to the first one installed in this order:

  • PySide6
  • PySide2
  • PyQt6
  • PyQt5

To force a particular API, set the configuration variable qt_api in your pytest.ini file to pyqt6, pyside2, pyqt6 or `pyqt5:


Alternatively, you can set the PYTEST_QT_API environment variable to the same values described above (the environment variable wins over the configuration if both are set).