Source code for pytestqt.logging

from collections import namedtuple
from contextlib import contextmanager
import datetime
import re
from _pytest._code.code import TerminalRepr, ReprFileLocation
import pytest
from pytestqt.qt_compat import qt_api
from pytestqt.utils import get_marker

class QtLoggingPlugin:
    Plugin responsible for installing a QtMessageHandler before each
    test and augment reporting if the test failed with the messages captured.


    def __init__(self, config):
        self.config = config

    def pytest_runtest_setup(self, item):
        if get_marker(item, "no_qt_log"):
        m = get_marker(item, "qt_log_ignore")
        if m:
            if not set(m.kwargs).issubset({"extend"}):
                raise ValueError(
                    "Invalid keyword arguments in {!r} for "
                    "qt_log_ignore mark.".format(m.kwargs)
            if m.kwargs.get("extend", True):
                config_regexes = self.config.getini("qt_log_ignore")
                ignore_regexes = config_regexes + list(m.args)
                ignore_regexes = m.args
            ignore_regexes = self.config.getini("qt_log_ignore")
        item.qt_log_capture = _QtMessageCapture(ignore_regexes)

    def pytest_runtest_makereport(self, item, call):
        """Add captured Qt messages to test item report if the call failed."""
        report = yield
        if not hasattr(item, "qt_log_capture"):
            return report

        if call.when == "call":
            m = get_marker(item, "qt_log_level_fail")
            if m:
                log_fail_level = m.args[0]
                log_fail_level = self.config.getini("qt_log_level_fail")
            assert log_fail_level in QtLoggingPlugin.LOG_FAIL_OPTIONS

            # make test fail if any records were captured which match
            # log_fail_level
            if report.outcome != "failed":
                for rec in item.qt_log_capture.records:
                    is_modeltest_error = (
                        rec.context is not None
                        and rec.context.category == "qt.modeltest"
                        and rec.matches_level("WARNING")
                    if (
                        rec.matches_level(log_fail_level) and not rec.ignored
                    ) or is_modeltest_error:
                        report.outcome = "failed"
                        if report.longrepr is None:
                            report.longrepr = _QtLogLevelErrorRepr(
                                item, log_fail_level, is_modeltest_error

            # if test has failed, add recorded messages to its terminal
            # representation
            if not report.passed:
                long_repr = getattr(report, "longrepr", None)
                if hasattr(long_repr, "addsection"):  # pragma: no cover
                    log_format = self.config.getoption("qt_log_format")
                    context_format = None
                    if log_format is None:
                        context_format = "{rec.context.file}:{rec.context.function}:{rec.context.line}:\n"
                        log_format = "    {rec.type_name}: {rec.message}"

                    lines = []
                    for rec in item.qt_log_capture.records:
                        suffix = " (IGNORED)" if rec.ignored else ""

                        if (
                            rec.context is not None
                            and (
                                rec.context.file is not None
                                or rec.context.function is not None
                                or rec.context.line != 0
                            and context_format is not None
                            context_line = context_format.format(rec=rec)
                            log_format = log_format.lstrip()

                        line = log_format.format(rec=rec) + suffix
                    if lines:
                        long_repr.addsection("Captured Qt messages", "\n".join(lines))

            del item.qt_log_capture
        return report

class _QtMessageCapture:
    Captures Qt messages when its `handle` method is installed using
    qInstallMessageHandler, and stores them into `records` attribute.

    :attr _records: list of Record instances.
    :attr _ignore_regexes: list of regexes (as strings) that define if a record
        should be ignored.

    def __init__(self, ignore_regexes):
        self._records = []
        self._ignore_regexes = ignore_regexes or []
        self._previous_handler = None

    def _start(self):
        Start receiving messages from Qt.
        previous_handler = qt_api.QtCore.qInstallMessageHandler(
        self._previous_handler = previous_handler

    def _stop(self):
        Stop receiving messages from Qt, restoring the previously installed

    def disabled(self):
        Context manager that temporarily disables logging capture while
        inside it.

    _Context = namedtuple("_Context", "file function line category")

    def _append_new_record(self, msg_type, message, context):
        Creates a new Record instance and stores it.

        :param msg_type: Qt message typ
        :param message: message string, if bytes it will be converted to str.
        :param context: QMessageLogContext object or None

        def to_unicode(s):
            if isinstance(s, bytes):
                s = s.decode("utf-8", "replace")
            return s

        message = to_unicode(message)

        ignored = False
        for regex in self._ignore_regexes:
            if, message) is not None:
                ignored = True

        if context is not None:
            context = self._Context(

        self._records.append(Record(msg_type, message, ignored, context))

    def _handle_with_context(self, msg_type, context, message):
        Method to be installed using qInstallMessageHandler,
        stores each message into the `_records` attribute.
        self._append_new_record(msg_type, message, context=context)

    def records(self):
        """Access messages captured so far.

        :rtype: list of `Record` instances.
        return self._records[:]

[docs] class Record: """Hold information about a message sent by one of Qt log functions. :ivar str message: message contents. :ivar Qt.QtMsgType type: enum that identifies message type :ivar str type_name: ``type`` as string: ``"QtInfoMsg"``, ``"QtDebugMsg"``, ``"QtWarningMsg"`` or ``"QtCriticalMsg"``. :ivar str log_type_name: type name similar to the logging package: ``INFO``, ``DEBUG``, ``WARNING`` and ``CRITICAL``. :ivar datetime.datetime when: when the message was captured :ivar bool ignored: If this record matches a regex from the "qt_log_ignore" option. :ivar context: a namedtuple containing the attributes ``file``, ``function``, ``line``. Can be None if no context is available for the message. """ def __init__(self, msg_type, message, ignored, context): self._type = msg_type self._message = message self._type_name = self._get_msg_type_name(msg_type) self._log_type_name = self._get_log_type_name(msg_type) self._when = self._ignored = ignored self._context = context message = property(lambda self: self._message) type = property(lambda self: self._type) type_name = property(lambda self: self._type_name) log_type_name = property(lambda self: self._log_type_name) when = property(lambda self: self._when) ignored = property(lambda self: self._ignored) context = property(lambda self: self._context) @classmethod def _get_msg_type_name(cls, msg_type): """ Return a string representation of the given QtMsgType enum value. """ if not getattr(cls, "_type_name_map", None): cls._type_name_map = { qt_api.QtCore.QtMsgType.QtDebugMsg: "QtDebugMsg", qt_api.QtCore.QtMsgType.QtWarningMsg: "QtWarningMsg", qt_api.QtCore.QtMsgType.QtCriticalMsg: "QtCriticalMsg", qt_api.QtCore.QtMsgType.QtFatalMsg: "QtFatalMsg", qt_api.QtCore.QtMsgType.QtInfoMsg: "QtInfoMsg", } return cls._type_name_map[msg_type] @classmethod def _get_log_type_name(cls, msg_type): """ Return a string representation of the given QtMsgType enum value in the same style used by the builtin logging package. """ if not getattr(cls, "_log_type_name_map", None): cls._log_type_name_map = { qt_api.QtCore.QtMsgType.QtDebugMsg: "DEBUG", qt_api.QtCore.QtMsgType.QtWarningMsg: "WARNING", qt_api.QtCore.QtMsgType.QtCriticalMsg: "CRITICAL", qt_api.QtCore.QtMsgType.QtFatalMsg: "FATAL", qt_api.QtCore.QtMsgType.QtInfoMsg: "INFO", } return cls._log_type_name_map[msg_type] def matches_level(self, level): assert level in QtLoggingPlugin.LOG_FAIL_OPTIONS if level == "NO": return False elif level == "INFO": return self.log_type_name in ("INFO", "DEBUG", "WARNING", "CRITICAL") elif level == "DEBUG": return self.log_type_name in ("DEBUG", "WARNING", "CRITICAL") elif level == "WARNING": return self.log_type_name in ("WARNING", "CRITICAL") elif level == "CRITICAL": return self.log_type_name in ("CRITICAL",) else: # pragma: no cover raise ValueError(f"log_fail_level unknown: {level}")
class _QtLogLevelErrorRepr(TerminalRepr): """ TerminalRepr of a test which didn't fail by normal means, but emitted messages at or above the allowed level. """ def __init__(self, item, level, is_modeltest_error): if is_modeltest_error: msg = "Qt modeltester errors" else: msg = "Failure: Qt messages with level {0} or above emitted" path, line_index, _ = item.location self.fileloc = ReprFileLocation( path, lineno=line_index + 1, message=msg.format(level.upper()) ) self.sections = [] def addsection(self, name, content, sep="-"): self.sections.append((name, content, sep)) def toterminal(self, out): self.fileloc.toterminal(out) for name, content, sep in self.sections: out.sep(sep, name) out.line(content)